Friday, 26 August 2016

Blues Weiser Campfire Experience

Blues Weiser Campfire Experience

This acoustic format started in the beginning 2014, after the drummer of the band left. While looking for a new drummer, Jozz and Bobysan needed to keep performing live, and who doesn' t want to earn an extra buck.
They started writing some songs and learning some covers. (not the covers that all these coverbands play like "smoke on the water or high way to hell)
The picked out some covers and gave a personal touch to it.

The idea was to create a "campfire experience" where people would enjoy the music, but with a campfire family like feeling.
Soon they where invited to private parties and start playing in gardens, living rooms, terraces etc.

Jozz and Bobysan have been playing together over 7 years, and understand each other completely while playing songs and are able to create a different atmosphere at every show.

After "Alex" joined Blues Weiser he was able to ad the "Cajon" to the music. A perfect instrument to provide a solid rhythm and a Latin touch

Campfire experience has grown in to a band that is really active, and when Blues Weiser goes on tour they can offer an electric or acoustic gig, this of course makes it easier to fill empty dates.

To listen to the purest form of Blues Weiser, the band is working on an acoustic album that they hope to release in the beginning of 2017
saludos bobysan

Monday, 15 August 2016

BLUES WEISER The Making of the video "Heavy on the Witch"

Blues Weiser needed a video for their new album "Booze for Blues" so they decided to use footage of a small tour they did in Spring 2016 to promote the album.

Our friend "Denys Martynov" was happy to take this task on his shoulders.

 Denys Martynov (camara)
Denys who made pictures off the band over the last year, and was always ready for a new adventure.
After sharing ideas between Denys and the band they decided to use the song "Heavy on the Witch" for the first video.

Denys had a clear view of what he wanted, and the Blues Weiser trusted him in his vision.
Now it was up to the band to rock as hard as they could for the following gigs to get proper footage.

Most gigs took place in small venue's in the south of Spain between Valencia and Almeria.
We knew the lights in most of those venue's we're not going to be perfect for video footage but we wanted to be raw and pure.

Blues Weiser and Denys 
With "Eddy" on the steering wheel and a loaded van  Blues Weiser hit the road.
Denys tried to capture a bit of everything that happened on the road, not only the live performance.
As you can see in the video he filmed all, like signing records, the road trip through the Spanish country sites, loading the van, building up etc etc.
Eddy (Driver and Merch King)

Coming back from the tour, Denys got all the footage together, and started working until late at a friends house (who has a more powerful computer), to get the basics of the video.
After some small changes Denys and "Blues Weiser" where happy with the final result and launched the video on the 2nd of august 2016.

Check our video on this link on youtube

Camera : Nikon D3200 & Gsmart Roma R2 phone
Editing program: Sony Vegas Pro 10

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

The Band

Blues Weiser

The Band:
Jozz Fernandez - Guitar & Vocals
                    Bobysan - Bass & Backing vocals
Alex - Drums
                                 Lee - Guitar and Backing vocals

Blues Weiser started as a power trio back in 2014.
At this time is was Jozz, Bobysan and Senen. (Senen left the band in 2015 because of personal issues)

We wrote 7 songs but only got to record 2 songs, "Knuckle Duster" and Tie Breaker".
When Senen left we looked for a new drummer and we contacted Alex, who we saw previously with another band. Bobysan already jammed with Alex 6 years earlier but lost contact over the years.

Blues Weiser decided to start from scratch again and start writing new songs with Alex.
The vibe was great and soon after they started recording their new album.
This time they decided to do everything themselves and not to go to a studio.
Using a ZOOMR24 and invested in relevant equipment what was necessary to complete the recording at the end of 2015.
After finishing the recording Jozz locked himself up in his home studio, and devoted himself for the mixing and mastering process for the next couple of months.
Every so many days the band would meet up and listen to the results and make some small changes and add some backing vocals.

The album is called "Booze for Blues" and contains 7 songs + the 2 songs that where recorded with Senen.
"Booze for Blues" was released on May 23rd 2016
The first (Limited - RED EDITION) 120 Albums where sold within 3 months.

End of July 2016 Jozz and Bobysan felt like they needed an 2nd guitarist to add more depth to their sound of "Blues Weiser Campfire Experience". This is a complete acoustic set, where they play at private parties and small bars.
Out of the blue, the band received a phone call from "Lee" who they met a year ago. Lee was looking for a new musical opportunity. The band offered him to come down for a chat and quickly followed by a rehearsal to see if flow was there. After a couple of rehearsals they decided to include him in the main band as well.

Keep checking our blog to see the story about our new video

written by Bobysan