Wednesday, 3 May 2017

NEW VIDEO from the song "Be Careful What You Whish For"

#BluesWeiser presents the video from the song "Be Careful What You Whish For" from the album "Booze For Blues"

                                       VIDEO "BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR"

The idea for the video was PARTY, so we started working out different ideas.
Jozz, Bobysan, Alex and the video director Denys had  several meetings and bit by bit everything came to pieces.
We decided to do a Karaoke Party so we could involve our fans in the making of this video.

First we needed to get the people in party mode so Bobysan and Jozz went shopping:

We started to prepare Carla`s house with llights, instruments etc etc
At this moment it was still easy to control everybody so we start shooting the first takes
Bit by bit people started to get the party feeling and the lyrics of the song.
After a couple of hours shooting we luckely finished most of the shooting as the alcohol level was rising and minute by minute chaos was breaking loose.

Maybe alcohol and making a video was not the best idea but we wanted it as real as it can get.
Well it did!!!!
Drinks on the walls, ceilling and floors, people doing whatever they felt like etc etc.

At the end we think we got what we wanted BOOZE FOR BLUESSSSSS

Blues Weiser wants to thank everybody involved in this project