Thursday, 14 January 2021




 Blues Weiser is back with a new official music  video, after a long time of working on the new album.
The song "THE FORTUNETELLER"is one of the tracks that will be on our new album "Obey the Booze"

The new album will be out soon 

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic The band was unable to do regular live gigs. So instead focused more on new material and videos and of course the upcoming release.

 Jozz is as we speak stil  busy with the mixing of the new album. And is currently working close together with Matt Lynch to do the mastering of the songs.

Bobysan has been busy with editing this video´s and is currently working on a new video and the web site

Mike is busy with getting our socialmedia up to date like our YouTube channel. (NEW) Instagram.

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In our next post we will talk about our live interview with Richar Barreno

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